Pre-Payment Options


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Thompson School District Student Meal Charge Policy

In order to learn children need nourishment. In our efforts to provide ALL children with healthy, delicious meals as well as the need to sustain the financial viability of the Nutrition Program, we have revised the Charging Policy.

  • All students are eligible to receive meals at a rate of either free, reduced price or full price.
  • Applications for free or reduced price meal benefits can be filled out at any time throughout the school year. Additionally, applications may be offered to families with frequent or recurring negative balance accounts.
  • NO food will be taken from a child after it has been served however an alternative solution may be discussed (with adults) on an individual basis if steps are not taken to address lunch charges.
  • NO charging of “a la carte” items (including milk) will be permitted.
  • NO “alternate meals” will be served to students with a negative balance.
  • ELEMENTARY students will be permitted to charge up to a maximum of 4 meals (including breakfast and lunch).
  • SECONDARY students are NOT permitted to charge unless prior arrangements have been made with the site administration. Please check with your student’s site. Arrangements may vary per secondary site.
  • Adults may not charge any items.
  • Information regarding low and/or negative balance accounts will be communicated through email/letters and automated phone calls generated by the point of sale software, as well as personal phone calls from staff members as needed.
  • You can add money and/or check account balances at or at your student’s school kitchen.
  • Payment is expected for any charges incurred. Arrangements can be made on an case by case basis.

 Please call Nutrition Services at 970-613-5146 if you have questions.

revised 2017




Send Check or Cash

You can always bring money personally or send it with your student. Please place it in an envelope marked clearly with your student's name, their ID #, their teacher's name, the $ amount and the check #. Turn in prepaid deposits to the cafeteria cashier(s) or school office.

Download and Print Out a pre-formatted #10 Envelope for making Deposits

If you choose to bring money to school personally or send it with your student, please put it in an envelope clearly marked with the student's first and last name, their ID #, their teacher's name, and the amount enclosed.